So once again I am up in Scotland again. You can probably see form my Instagram feed that I spend quite a lot of time up here, not only do I absolutely love it but my parents and sister own and run the Scourie Hotel.

They have owned the hotel for three years now and have spent the time renovating the Hotel and making it into a fantastic fishing destination. The Hotel guests have access to 46 fishing beats spread over 20,000 acres!

This trip however is a little different. Accompanying myself up on the flight to Inverness is Michael Lake from Lens and Hound, and we are to be joined by Marina Gibson, (and of course Sedge) brand ambassador for Orvis and blogger “lifestyle of a fisherwoman”.

Wednesday morning saw us up and on the first beat “Lower Duart” at 6.30am! I got to ghillie for Marina, although it took me a little while to get the hang of the rowing!! (we went around in circles a few times!!) and I have to admit that after not fishing for probably 15 years I was a little nervous fishing with a pro like Marina! Under her expert instruction I picked up the rod and surprisingly it all came back to me (the casting was a little dodgy to start with but I didn’t disgrace myself!!!) The fish were rising but unfortunately not biting so at 8.30 we thought it best to go back to the hotel for a big breakfast!

Above, I am wearing the pheasant feather infinity scarf

After breakfast, we went to Loch Stack where there is a chance of a salmon and char as well as wild brown trout. We caught a few small brownies but nothing significant, Michael was following us around in a second boat- turns out its quite hard to catch fish to order, especially when there’s a photographer handy!  Marina and I missed quite a few fish as we were too busy chatting (Much to my dad’s annoyance- He was ghilling for us on Stack)

Above us out on Loch stack

The day went on in a pretty similar pattern, with us moving around the beats to show Marina the area and of course for Michael to capture some fantastic images of us fishing.

I don’t know if I mentioned it but it was actually my birthday too!!!! Slightly damp we headed back to the Hotel for a very large birthday cake and tea to warm up. It was then hot baths all round before meeting in the bar for an amazing birthday supper of Langoustines, chips and Champagne!


In all a fantastic day, Marina is absolutely lovely, (and Sedge her dog!) and has given me the confidence to pick up a rod and just go fishing! I am now totally addicted! #reelgirlsfish





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