Writing my first blog post for Frank and Grace has been quite a daunting prospect. Being more used to pattern cutting and sewing machines (I understand these!) writing isn’t something that comes naturally to me. However, I wanted to tell the story behind Frank and Grace and give you an insight into some of my influences and inspirations.

I have always been very creative and when I was younger my mum had a sewing machine which she used to make curtains, cushions etc. I would use it to make hair scrunchies and pencil cases by using any upholstery/curtain fabric that was left over – I’m sure I went into school with some very weird fabrics in my hair!

We used to spend many family summer holidays in the magical Scottish Highlands, which is where my love of tweed started. When I was 15 my dad took me, my mum and my sister to Campbells of Beauly, a bespoke tailor that made all of my dad’s suits. He treated each of us to a tweed jacket, which were a cross between a shooting coat and a riding coat.

As soon as I walked into the shop I knew I wanted to be a tailor. The walls were panelled with the most beautiful dark wood, and on the shelves were rolls and rolls of tweed – it was like walking into a sweet shop for me. The whole process, from being measured, to choosing the cloth and the lining was amazing, not to mention all three shooting coats were slightly different in style. Mine had a large pleat in the back for riding, I think my sisters had two side vents, and my mums had one central vent.

17 years on I still have my coat and I still get comments about it, although it’s now a bit like Trigger’s broom! It’s had numerous repairs where various dogs have chewed the zip or the pocket but it’s still going strong.

Until the next blog…

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