In honour of getting ready to launch, I thought I would do a little post about the Fedora Ferret. The idea behind it and of course the name!

I’m really looking forward to launching our Fedora ferret! The idea came to me as I was trying to work out what we could do as a small item that hasn’t already being done, and I didn’t want to do a faux fur pom. I love hats, especially the fedoras and I think they look great on anyone. So stylish and I also love the feather hat pins so I thought why not a faux fur pin?


The swish shape (Technical of course!!) can be pinned either side of the hat and attaches to the band with two small antique brass alligator clips. I have found the best hats for these are from Mackenzie and George. Great quality and price and the leather band is just right for attaching the ferret too although they will attach to any hat with a band.

The Fedora Ferrets will be launched in three colours to start with, Emerald green, Burgundy and Sierra brown. What I like best is the ability to change these depending on what your wearing and that the colour possibilities are endless.

The Fedora Ferret has been named after (and I’m showing my age now!) the toy I used to have as a child that had a piece of fishing line attached and you could wrap it around and pretend it’s real- I’m sure they are called something else, but I used to call them ferrets and the fedora ferret reminds me of them! I tried to come up with some other more grown up names but in the end stuck with the Fedora Ferret!!! I hope you like them!

They will be available to purchase on Wednesday 4th July

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