You may have read or seen on @kateinthecountry that back in July our brand ambassador came to the farm to meet me and find out more about Frank and Grace. While Katie was here we went out and shot a few clays, something I often do with Henry on the farm but I have never really shot anywhere else. Kate convinced me to have a go at a clay day, run but the shotgun and Chelsea bun club and hosted by herself at Southdown gun club.


Off I set (Very!) early on a sunny Saturday august morning, it’s a bit of a trek from Essex but after having the children off school for nearly 8 weeks a two-hour drive on my own was bliss!

I was met at Southdown by Katie and by this time was terrified! As I mentioned before I have shot at home on the farm quite a lot but never in public! Everybody was so re-assuring and we were put in groups of four according to our ability- I booked myself in as a beginner. We went around and shot four different stands with an Instructor helping us. To say I shot badly was an understatement! I think combining the fact that I was so nervous, and that at home on the farm, the clay trap we have only fires the clays towards you. (these traps do all sorts of things like come out from behind you!) This meant that I think I hit about 8 clays in the whole time.


After the shooting we all sat down together for prize giving, tea and of course cake. I baked the only cake I can- I am a terrible baker- a coffee and walnut cake which compared to my shooting ability was surprisingly ok!

I Had such a blast with these lovely, friendly ladies and I can’t wait to go again. Hopefully next time I won’t be so terrified and actually hit something. I also had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Hollie- Ella from “In the county” magazine- we are looking forward to being in the winter issue so if you haven’t already make sure you pre-order one!


Daisy x

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