With the A/W 2018 collection just around the corner and numerous photoshoots with Lens and Hound under our belt I thought I would share a few secrets behind the lens!

I’ve known Michel for a quite a few years now, I actually met him when he was a sporting photographer, shooting game and simulated days in the area, before he branched out into fashion photography… Mike actually used to be a fisherman based in Leigh- on- sea (interesting career change!)

All our photo shoots are done here on the family farm in Essex- and with a little magic and a lot of talent Michael Lake transforms them into a fabulous backdrop which has become part of the brand for Frank and Grace. One of my favourite places to shoot is inside the old grade II listed Essex barn that is right next to our house. Poor Mike and the models regularly have to squeeze through past the fertiliser bags and tractors to get to the perfect spot!

As you can see its very Glamorous in the barn!

The finished picture with the barn in the background

The barns old oak timbers look fantastic as a backdrop for head shots and you may recognise these also from shots of another fantastic brand Evemy & Evemy who used the location for shots of their very beautiful tweed chokers!


As with all photo shoots they require quite a lot of planning, they are expensive so you don’t want to be wasting time working out what your model is going to be wearing to go with each garment- especially if they are accessories like the snood for example. I remember on one particular shoot having to borrow my next-door neighbours Barbour as the model was smaller than I expected and my neighbour is tiny!


Burgandy snood hood down

My Neighbours Barbour featuring in one of our early photo shoots!

 I’m currently looking for a backdrop to shoot the new clutch bags, this is proving trickier than you would think as some products are easier to photograph than others and likewise some products can only be shot on a model, the bags however I’m going to try shooting them on the floor in our kitchen (I Know sounds weird right!)  but we have some lovely old flagstones that with a good scrub could look fantastic, you may have spotted them in our Instagram story.


You can just see the stone in the background in this one

So here’s looking forward to what the farm can offer as backdrops for 2018, I’m constantly looking when walking for anything that can be of interest and provide something a little bit different from the “norm” Maybe one day I will branch out and have a shoot in a studio….. on reflection probably not!


Daisy x

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